Glass Walls and Partitions: Check Tips and Advantages

Modern and sophisticated, glass walls and partitions provide elegance and uniqueness to residential and corporate projects, offering aesthetic and functional benefits that adapt to different tastes and styles.

Thinking of investing? Discover some tips and benefits we have prepared for you:

Easy installation: Unlike masonry walls, glass walls and partitions are installed in a simple and practical way, reducing costs and accelerating the progress of the work.
Practicality in cleaning: The smooth surface of the glass facilitates cleaning, which can be carried out with the aid of a flannel and/or specific cleaner, when choosing a glass wall art
Enhancement of the view: When external, glass walls enhance and favor the view. For greater privacy, blinds and film can be attached to the project.
Greater luminosity: Glass walls and partitions let in sunlight, which makes the environment comfortable and cozy. This feature also reduces excessive energy costs by distributing lighting between spaces. Remember to request films with thermal protection to avoid discomfort.
Integrity between environments: Integrated environments are among the main trends in architecture and decoration. In this bias, the glass partitions are elegant and adaptable. If you prefer, you can opt for mobile partitions, which have the help of pulleys to adapt to different spaces.
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Present in unique projects, the glass wall has advantages that revolve around the elegance of the environment, the functionality of the structure and the safety of customers. Loaded with versatility, glass walls can completely revolutionize a given environment by printing new visual/aesthetic airs and offering users other forms of interaction with the structure, while ensuring safety for everyone around.

It should be noted that the glass wall can be configured in different ways, such as, for example, from glass bricks, partitions for closing different spans – such as the glass walls present in football stadiums, airports, etc. wall cladding modality, a technique used to bring versatility and bold aesthetics to any type of wall.

At Multpanel we have an exclusive line dedicated to covering glass walls. The Revest Glass technique offers the possibility of creating true works of art due to the wide range of colors available (more than 500!), which allows the designer to achieve unique details in the coating of walls. The Revest Glass line uses tempered glass with a 10-year warranty against defects and a lifetime warranty against stains, a scenario that adds protection to customers and demonstrates the quality of our products.

Advantages of glass wall

Walls made of glass have many advantages. The unique appearance that the glass promotes to the walls may be the particularity that stands out the most, however, it is necessary to clarify that a glass wall offers other benefits, both for the structures and for the users. Among several advantages, we highlight:

  • Glass can bring a sense of visual amplitude to environments;
  • Variety of colors for easy harmonization with the rest of the project;
  • The correct choice of glass for wall cladding reduces episodes of corrective maintenance, promotes structure durability and customer safety;
  • Glass facilitates the process of sanitizing the walls, just a cloth with alcohol or neutral soap for the magic to happen;
  • Projects that use glass are able to increase the value of the property when selling it in the future;

The glass to be used in wall coverings and the creation of other models of glass walls are defined by ABNT – Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas, as for example in its NBR 7199. It is extremely important that the glass wall be designed with the indicated glasses, because only in this way can it offer all its advantages without bringing physical dangers to the users.

Glass walls – where to install
Considering the various advantages of this product, glass walls can compose interior decorations and even residential or commercial facades, for example. Below are some of the configurations most sought after by customers:

  • living room glass wall
  • For facade glass
  • Glass wall with door
  • Bedroom glass wall
  • Glass wall in the kitchen

glass wall price

To know precisely the price of the glass wall, it will be necessary to request a quote from specialized companies, such as Multpanel . This happens because this type of structure can have several configurations (such as glass brick walls, glass partitions or wall cladding), which makes the price of glass walls dynamic. For more specific values, contact a member of our team and request a quote.

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